Medicine and diving

Over and over we are asked, do I need a diving medical certificate?
 In the attached medical questionnaire you can find out whether a medical examination is necessary before you take a course or come diving with us.
Basically, anyone who does not exercise regularly, is somewhat overweight and takes medication (eg antidepressants) or answers a question in the “Medical Statement” with YES, should be examined by a dive physician and get a written certificate before taking part in diving.

In Germany a diving medical is required by-law for every diving student, up to 40 years every 3 years, from 40 years and under 18 years, annually. In your own interest it is advisable to check your fitness for diving. We recommend it to every dive guest.

What is the cost of a diving medical?

Since the medical examination is not a disease-related examination, the health insurance does not accept the costs. The medical service will be charged according to the tariff for doctors and the costs should be obtained from the doctor before the examination.

Which doctor is able to provide a diving medical?

Selecting a physician should be based on the list of the Society for Diving and Hyperbaric Medicine (GTÜM). Only they have the professional training and profound knowledge needed for diving.
To the list of dive physicians

Please do not hesitate to contact Dr. Karin Förster for advice.
 She works with us and runs her practice in Munich and speaks english.
 Dive medicine Dr. Karin Förster

Tel: 0049(0)89 / 41 77 77 42

Where is the next hyperbaric chamber?
Right in Sharm. Since March 1993 the well-known dive-doctor Dr. Adel Taher runs the hyperbaric chamber at the “Travco” port in Sharm el Sheikh. Dr. Adel is the official representative of DAN in Egypt. He is a very experienced diver and dive instructor and speaks fluent English and German!

 Hyperbaric Medical Center
 Located in Sharm el-Maya by the Travco Jetty
Tel. (+2) 0693660318

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