Excursions and watersport

Landlubbers take note

Divers who do not want to dive, do not exist! But divers come commonly as a couple on vacation. And so the (still) non-diving partner doesn’t feel left out on his annual vacation, we can offer them a lot!

There are windsurfing and water skiing, wakeboarding or parasailing. Those wishing to spend time on land can go mountain biking in the desert, quad biking, riding an Arabian horse in the desert or on the beach or ride a camel. For those who do not want to explore the desert on the back of a camel or horse, jeep and desert safaris or desert hikes are a good alternative.

Are you interested in culture? We offer excursions to the pyramids in Giza or Luxor as well as organized tours to the monastery of St. Catherine, the Moses mountain and the Colored canyon.
And they have quite a bit of history to tell: the monastery was built 600 AD round a chapel dating from the fourth century. If you want to walk you can climb the Moses mountain. Spectacular especially when you get out of bed early and enjoy the sunrise high up in the early morning hours.

Worth a visit is the Colored Canyon: This canyon is located in the midst of the desert mountains near Nuweiba. Over thousands of years, the water has made deep furrows in the rocks and released the various colored layers.

Since shopping is somehow a part of the holiday, you can visit the large mall of Naama Bay. There you’ll find numerous small bazaars next to big hotels. And as bargaining and haggling make hungry and thirsty, a nightcap in one of the nearby bars is called for. If you still do not have enough, go to one of the numerous discos and swing your hips before you call it a night.

The exact prices and dates can be found directly with Amer at our Watersports cabin on the beach. Amer gives you detailed information about the trips and other activities in Sharm.

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