House reef / beach

Pool-training? How boring!

Those who can, do. And we can without a doubt, because we have our own house reef. And not just somewhere in the Red Sea, but right in front of the door of your room.

For all beginners, but also for professionals, our house reef provides optimal conditions for every form of training. A flat falling beach provides you a safe and secure feeling when you dive with full equipment into this exciting environment for the first time.

As a beginner you can slowly slide into the new world. And this has different levels, which you will learn in the course of your diving life. With us you get a first taste: We start at 2 meters, to 6 meters, to 8 meters, up to 10 meters or even 18 meters. And, of course, the Bay is not only breathtaking because of the depths. In addition, it is well-populated with napoleons, moray eels, octopus, sepia, mackerel or Nemos. Honestly: When was school so cool?

Professionals will also get their money’s worth: Just 10 minutes after the entrance, a canyon with a depth of 40 meters is waiting for you. Who can decline? And the exciting night dives, which we gladly organize for you. While night diving on our house reef you always discover something new.

PS: We almost forgot: Of course, you can also find chairs and umbrellas on our beach to relax a little after diving. Fancy a massage? No problem. And for the hunger in between we have our restaurant with snacks.

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