Ras Mohamed National Park

Ras Mohamed National Park

Since divers discovered the Red Sea in the 1950s, it is considered to be one of the most beautiful and colorful diving paradise in the world.

The temperatures of this tropical waters never fall below 22 degrees. This and the high salt content have made it a unique biotope. Since the water is almost enclosed, with no rivers flowing into it, the water in the Red Sea is very clean and crystal clear.

The great attraction for divers and snorkelers are certainly the many fringing reefs. These sensitive ecosystems provide shelter and food for thousands of species whose coexistence is linked by complex food chains.

In 1983 the National Park “Ras Mohammed” was founded to preserve these valuable ecosystems. Today, a total of 11,000 km2 of Sinai is protected.

The Red Sea, with its colorful fascinating flora and fauna, is a unique dive spot that every diver should have visited at least once in his life.

Why Ras Mohamed is your perfect dive spot

The name Ras Mohamed covers all the places located north and south of Naama Bay between the strait of Tiran and the village of Sharm el Sheikh.

The local dive sites share, due to their position protected from waves and strong current and the morphology of the reef which has found an optimal ecosystem for its development along this coastal section, other features too:

Divers of all levels can dive here and many soft and hard corals, an almost complete selection of reef dwellers, from the small anthias to the big Napoleon wrasse, from the colorful butterfly fish to the parrotfish and from the triggerfish to the surgeonfish, can be observed.

Diving at Ras Mohammed is probably the best thing you can think of as a diver in the Red Sea. In Sharm el Sheikh there are many good diving spots and every dive site has its own exciting specifics.

The unique thing about Ras Mohammed: hardly any diving area is so versatile! With every change of the current and at every season, the underwater national park shows a different side. In order to get the full enjoyment of this spot, divers pay a fee of 5 euro.

In order to protect this beautiful area, this special habitat in the Sinai was declared a National Park and is called, at least in the official language, Ras Mohammed Marine Protected Area.

All visitors under and above water are asked to follow the rules set by an expert committee. This is the only way to preserve and protect the sensitive habitat under and above the water constantly and for generations. Anyone who does not comply with this rule will be subject to severe penalties, which are precisely defined in Act 102 of 1983.

  • Touching and damaging corals and shells is prohibited
  • Do not collect, touch or damage any living or dead material (corals, shells, fish, plants, fossils, etc.)
  • Access to the restricted areas, walking or anchoring in the reef area are prohibited.
  • Fishing in any form is prohibited!
  • Feeding fish is prohibited.
  • The protected areas must be left before sunset.
  • Dumping of any kind of garbage into the sea is prohibited.
  • Access to the diving areas is only permitted at the indicated access points. There are places reserved for divers only.

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