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Size is evidently not everything, especially when it comes to the most important time of the year: your holiday! The Sunshine Divers Club is a small dive school with an intimate atmosphere and has individuality as its motto. We invite you to be part of this family for the time of your holiday.

Klaus Reinhard
Merchant and diving instructor
Manager of Sunshine Divers
Hobbies: cooking, barbecue, jogging

Maria Kirchisner
Dipl. Graphic designer,
Diving instructor
Marketing and management
Hobbies: horseback riding, yoga, keyboard

Islam Abass
Diving instructor and boat management
Born: 26.12.1982
Been with us for many years
Hobby: Diving, swimming
Married & 3 children

Mostafa Opel
Technical equipment
Born: 16.07.1990
Been with us for 10 years
Diving, snorkeling
Single, no children

Mohamed Samir
Born: January 9th, 1989
Since 6 years
Hobbies: diving, snorkeling, languages
Single, no children

Only those who know the family can feel at home

For a diver, this points are important during the holiday: wonderful spots with a lot of underwater fun, a safe feeling during the diving and competent instructors in all courses.

As a licensed German dive school, it is very important to us that you pass all examinations successfully and have a lot of fun doing them. With more than ten years of teaching experience there isn’t a thing you cannot learn from our diving instructors. We teach in German and English.

The professional team is completed by Islam Abass, who is the expert for boat trips and dives. He is a trained instructor and runs the courses on the boat. He has the responsibility and takes time for your concerns and questions that you may have on your first boat dive.

Our man for all cases, Mostafa Opel, is indispensable. He is our walking lost and found office, who always keeps an overview of everything a guest can “displace”. He is responsible for the technik in our diving center, the air- and nitrox-compressors and also loading all the diving gear and boxes on the boats.

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