Novice divers

You are at the beginning of a diving career and want to find out whether diving can turn into your hobby? That’s great, because we like to help you figure it out.

The advantage at Sunshine Divers: We are a certified German dive school and teach on request in German, English, Italian, French or Spanish. You will have no stress learning and can concentrate completely on the content in your mother tongue.

Just this doesn’t make us YOUR dive school, of course. What sets us apart is the individual group size and the school on the beach. Classroom was yesterday, because our motto is that your learning on vacation should bring above all: fun.

After we discussed the important theoretical topics and you feel fit for your first fin kicks, you start in the shallow water on your own beach and you can get in touch with your equipment in a quiet relaxed atmosphere.

This hands-on approach to the beautiful medium of water is our alternative to chilly freshwater pools in hotel facilities with 250 spectators.

We test ourselves again and again from theory to practice and teach you to dive. Until the time comes: You go diving and confidently put yourself in the care of your buddy and apply all things learned. At your own pace and according to your wishes, we escort you on this journey.

You need a health certificate from a diving doctor for the course. You can get all the material and equipment from us. After completing the course, you will receive your Open Water Diver certificate.

The Open Water Diver Course takes approximately 4 days, all-day, with extensive breaks and around 4:00 pm the school day is over. The lessons are exciting with five theory chapters and the practical exercises in shallow water. Afterwards, you will use the skills learned as part of at least 4 open water dives.

After successful completion of the examination, we will give you your certification in the dive center. You are then a certified sports diver who can go diving worldwide with a buddy.

You don’t want to spend your whole vacation learning? We have a suggestion. You can study online before you arrive in Sharm.
Please write to us briefly, if you are interested, this registration is fast and your adventure can start before the holiday!

The Scuba Diver is the “little brother” of the Open Water Diver course.
It consists of:
– the first 3 theory chapters of the Open Water Diver
– 2 open water dives.

The Scuba Diver takes 2-3 days and entitles you to dive with a divemaster or instructor up to a depth of 12 meters.
In fact, most students immediately afterwards opt to finish the Open Water Course.

The Discover Scuba Diver (PADI) or Try Scuba Diver (SSI) is the ideal start if you are not sure whether the diving is right for you.

This course, often referred to as “intro dive”, is an introduction dive. In very shallow water, you take the first try with the scuba tank. You will be shown a few simple exercises and afterwards you will make a dive with your instructor, up to a maximum depth of 12 meters.
A second dive strengthens these skills and you get a certificate that you have completed the course.
This is acknowledged when you decide within one year to get trained as an Open Water Diver.

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