Flights / pick up

Flights / pick up

Large tour operators such as FTI regularly fly to Sharm and offer flights.
Package tours have a shuttle from the organizer or the hotel. Guests who live with us are, of course, picked up by our bus driver, waiting at the airport with a name plate.

Another point at the airport. Porters trying to “help” you and for a small case they expect a big fee. A porter is very well paid at 50 cents. Do not, at any rate, get involved with money-exchange games! One thing is certain: you can only lose! Just let him rant, turn around, and go your way.

Individual travelers must take a taxi. The drivers talk to each other and demand prices that are a lot higher than in the rest of Egypt. From the airport to Hadaba you should not pay more than 10 euros. Just stay stubborn!

 By the way, all taxis have binding prices, which are fixed on each window of a taxi in the form of a round sticker. Nevertheless, it seems as if the drivers have never heard of it! Just stay stubborn and don’t let it wind you up.

For more mobility on site, there are rental cars at Naama Bay. The road network is relatively well developed.

Egypt Air with stopover in Cairo

Turkish Airlines with stopover in Istanbul

Pegasus with stopover in Istanbul

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