Sharm El Sheikh at the southern tip of the Sinai is the tourist metropolis of the peninsula. Sharm is divided into three districts.
The district of Nabq is located north of the airport. All hotels are built in 2004 and afterwards.
Sharks Bay is located close to the airport.
The center point is surely Naama Bay, about 10 km south of the airport. The nightlife is particularly lively here.

The southernmost point, is called Sharm El Maya or downtown Sharm. Here the city administration, the military and most of the locals are based. Striking is that hardly any Egyptian women live in Sharm. Fact is that the wives live in cheaper cities and environments.
The Old Market still has its old Egyptian flair. Craftsmen and other service providers have their businesses here.

The beginnings of tourism go back to 1967 when the Israelis established a military base here after the occupation of Sinai and built the coastal road from Eilat to Sharm. After the return of the Sinai to the Egyptians in 1982, tourism, which had just begun came to a standstill, but soon grew again.

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