Getting there

From October 2017 Germania flies from many cities in Germany directly to Sharm. Every week, planes come from Munich, Düsseldorf, Nuremberg, Dresden, Hamburg, Berlin and Bremen at reasonable prices. Package tourist are collected from the airport by a shuttle service from the organizer, hotel or diving center.

Individual travelers must take a taxi, if they have not organized an airport transfer. The taxi prices can be extremely high, many drivers use the ignorance of the holidaymakers and demand a multiple of the normal price. So be careful: a taxi ride to Hadaba should not cost more than 10-15 euros. To Sharks Bay a maximum of 5 euros, to Naama Bay 10 euros.
Tip for travelers on a shoestring:
 With your luggage walk out of the airport onto the main road and then wait until a blue-and-white minibus arrives. He stops on his route for every hitchhiker and lets him in. Price from the airport to Hadaba: 4 LE per person. WOW!
Distances to / from the airport:

10 km to Naama Bay; (located south of the airport)
2 km to Sharks Bay; (located south of the airport, but almost next to it)
15 km to Downtown; (located south of the airport)
15 km to Nabq; (located north of the airport)

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