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Size is evidently not everything, especially when it comes to the most important time of the year: your holiday! The Sunshine Divers Club is a small dive school with an intimate atmosphere and has individuality as its motto. We invite you to be part of this family for the time of your holiday. Morning coffee on your own terrace? No problem! In the evening, still wanting a spontaneous night dive? Sure! Teamwork is most important to us, to make you feel good.

Klaus Reinhard

Merchant and dive instructor for 17 years
Manager of Sunshine Divers
Hobbies: cooking, barbecue, jogging

Maria Kirchisner
Dipl. Graphic designer, dive instructor
Marketing and management
Hobbies: horseback riding, cooking, yoga, keyboard

Anita Stoppini
Organisation and dive instructor
Born: 29.03.1985
Languages: german, englisch, italian, french, spanish
Hobbies: Musik, drums, keyboard, base, baking, gaming
In relationship, no children

Shazly Hassan
Dive instructor
Born: 28.11.78
Been with us for 10 years
Hobby: Diving, chess
Married & 3 children

Islam Abass
Dive instructor and boat management
Born: 26.12.1982
Been with us for many years
Hobby: Diving, swimming
Married & 3 children

Abdallah Meshaly
Dive instructor
Born: 18.12.1983
Been with us for 3 years
Hobby: photography, diving, Photoshop
Married, 1 child

Gasblender and Technic
Gorn: 15.12.75
since beginning with us,
Hobbies: Fishing, football, hiking in the desert
Married & 2 children

Waled Fareg
Born: 01.04.1989
Been with us for 6 years
Hobby: cook
Married, 1 child

Ibrahim Araby
Ibrahim Araby
Sous chef
Born: 23.2.1990
Been with us for 4 years
Hobby: cooking
Married, 1 child

Ahmed Ragab
Born: 20.05.1990
Been with us for 4 years
Hobby: horse riding, trips
Single / no children

Ahmed Mohamed
Kitchen hand
Born: 15.05.1998
been with us 1 year
Hobby: Learning English
Single, no children

Mostafa Opel
Technical equipment
Born: 16.07.1990
Been with us for 10 years
Hobby: Diving, snorkeling
Single, no children

Harby Eid
Born: 14.07.1996
Been with us for 3 years
Hobby: swim and dive
Single, no children

Sabri Ahmed Ali
Lifeguard beach safety
Born: 14.05.80
Been with us for 5 years
Hobby: Motorcycling
Married & 4 children

Mr. Both
Caretaker (the man for all cases)
Born: 16.04.1969
Been with us for 10 years
Hobby: Technology
Married & 3 children

Been many years with us
Married & 2 children

Amr Badr
 / watersport
Born: 18.06.81
Been with us for 3 years
Hobby: Horseback riding, horses, reading
Married & 2 children

Mohamed Samir
Born: January 9th, 1989
Since 6 years
Hobbies: diving, snorkeling, languages
Single, no children

Bus transfer
Married, no children

Only those who know the family can feel at home

For a diver, three points are important during the holiday: wonderful spots with a lot of underwater fun, a delicious menu to recharge your batteries for the next dive and last but not least, a quiet night in a cozy, dreamy atmosphere.

Shazly Hassan, Abdallah Meshaly and Klaus Reinhard are responsible for the theoretical and practical training at Sunshine Divers. As a licensed German dive school, it is very important to us that you pass all examinations successfully and have a lot of fun doing them. With more than ten (or six) years of teaching experience there isn’t a thing you cannot learn from Shazly, Abdallah or Klaus. We teach in German and English. Great advantage: As fathers, Shazly and Abdallah know how to inspire children to learn. And they know the demands that adults and diving friends place on their teachers.

The professional team is completed by Islam Abass, who is the expert for boat trips and dives. He is a trained instructor and runs the courses on the boat. He has the responsibility and takes time for your concerns and questions that you may have on your first boat dive.

As is the case with real families, we start the day in our camp with a delicious breakfast right on the beach. Waled Fareg conjures up the pleasures of the palate for us and our guests. Since six years he meets even the most unusual request with flying colors. We are very fortunate that Waled knows the world-wide cuisine and her creations: his profession is not only a vocation, but also his favorite hobby. What a blessing!

Behind every chef stands a hardworking assistant, Ibrahim Araby the sous chef helps the chef where he can and looks at some of the tricks on the stove enthusiastically. The two have been our dream team for more than four years. The cooks get help from their kitchen hand.

Our kitchen hand Ahmed Mohamed, who is currently studying English diligently to develop himself professionally, provides for clean dishes and large enough pots for the hard-working cooks.

As wonderful delights only make one really happy if they arrive hot and fast, we are glad to have Ahmed Ragab in our team. He is our headwaiter and probably the man who runs most kilometers in the season.

The quietest job of all, our lifeguard for beach safety Sabri Ahmed Ali. As the father of five children, he has learned to keep an overview. And this is important while guarding the beach, which he has been doing for more than five years, making Sharks Bay a safe place.

Our man for all cases, Mr. Both and Mostafa Opel, are indispensable. Mr. Both impresses with his technical skills and Mustafa Opel is our walking lost and found office, who always keeps an overview of everything a guest can “displace”.

Both work with us from the start. Mr. Both is the one who knows every screw in the camp and the center and finds a good and fast solution for every problem. We are very happy that we have been able to make use of their expertise for so long. To another ten years!

Our faithful soul Harby Eid, cares to the rooms and everything that belongs to it. If he isn’t making the beds or distributing white towels in the early morning, he likes to wear his wetsuit and descend into a sea of colors. In the job Harby also values color, which our guests will notice in the rooms, lovingly decorated with flowers.

Our small family team is completed by Amr Badr and Mohamed Samir. Amr is responsible for Watersports and excursions. If you are looking for a trip to the monastery of St Catherine or a short trip spontaneously to the world-famous pyramids, he is your man and organizes everything low-cost, reliable and with attention to detail.
Mohamed Samir is responsible for sales and distribution at Sunshine Divers and as an all-rounder, he also helps out in the restaurant and serves your well-earned cappuccino.

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